Mika announces new album, tour, and single ‘Ice Cream’

Mika announces new album, tour, and single ‘Ice Cream’

Posted May 31 2019

Today Mika announces his new album and releases the brand new single Ice Cream!

Speaking about it Mika said:

“I’m excited to announce that my brand new album ‘My Name is Michael Holbrook’ will be released on October 4th!! You can pre-order it now to receive my new single ‘Ice Cream’ straight away as well as access to pre-sale tickets for my tour!

Ice Cream was written on a day of extreme heat in August. It was the last few weeks of writing for the album; a writing period that lasted two years. Through the writing I had confronted personal, serious and at times painful issues. By the end of it I felt lighter and freer. This was one of the last songs written for the new album. The song is a daydream fantasy. Like a heat mirage, and makes me feel like anything is possible. Summer and heat provokes that. The surreal dreamlike state of endless heat soaked afternoons. Pearls of sweat, dreams of summer flings, the smell and feel of a car in summer when you first step into it, the smell of a plastic parasol baking in the sun. The mix of possibility and lazy frustration. Senses and daydreams on the run.” 

Ice Cream is available everywhere now.


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