Mika x Pilot

To celebrate 100 years of leading the way in creative penmanship, Pilot has launched a special centenary campaign in collaboration with Mika! The brand wanted to showcase their dedication to passion and innovation and who better to front it than someone known for the same qualities in his own career. The ‘Mika Limited Edition’ collection pens are inspired by Mika’s incredible career to date and showcase creativity and imagination with intricate designs and vibrant colour. Made with his sister Yasmine, Mika’s collaboration with Pilot is a true expressions of his unique creativity and positive force.

The range includes a total of 24 pens, covering the iconic G-2, V5 and FriXion Ball lines. Each colour has a unique design and they are available in a variety of sets of singularly across Europe.

In Mika’s own words, “It’s a pleasure to celebrate Pilot’s 100th anniversary together with you and to create a special project for this birthday. Pilot has been part of my life, I grew up with these pens, I grew up stealing my father’s V5, stealing my mother’s (V7) and learning how to write properly with these pens and also learning how to draw. So using these same pens that we now have in our design studio today, we’ve created another world and our versions of Pilot pens for this birthday. It’s an honour, we’re very happy to be doing it, I am so happy to be actually drawing these things that are going to be part of something so iconic.”

To celebrate, we have teamed up with MFC and throughout 2018 we’ll be giving fans around the world the chance to win limited edition, money-cant-buy boxsets of all 24 pens. Keep an eye on the Facebook page and make sure you’re signed up to the mailing list!