30 May 2013

Mika was asked to collaborate with Swatch on their fantastic 30th birthday celebrations! They’ve asked Mika to bring his quirky and colourful sense of fun to the brand.

Of the collaboration, Mika said, ‘Swatch is such an iconic brand. I have always admired their creativity – from their classic and pure designs, to their exciting and wacky collaborations with artists. It’s a design brand that has been able to reflect every decade since it launched, while remaining incredibly consistent with its unique design principles. I grew up with Swatch and have been a fan for years, so to be one of the 30 people chosen to represent the brand at their 30th anniversary is brilliant! I look forward to seeing what the next 30 years will hold, too.’

His collaboration took the form of 2 watches, designed by Mika and his creative director/sister Yasmine, specially for Swatch. The first watch, Kukulakuki, is a limited edition watch that comes in a bueatifully crafted resin mask box, all within a specially designed outer cardboard box. The second watch, Kukulakuku, which is on general release, is based on the same theme and comes in the signature long Swatch box. Both spring from the concept of an imaginary world where 2 boys are in a magical wold where a totem pole lands and they start to believe good things will happen from its magical powers. The watches were exhibited within large masks hand crafted with a sculptor in London and further the ideas behind the imaginary world and the creative concept. The whole project is furthered by an ‘augmented reality’ app, taking you in the collaborative world of Swatch and Mika even further. Check out what Mika and Yasmine have to say about the concept and the design process here:

On release of the watches, the limited edition Kukulakuki sold out internationally in a matter of hours, closely followed by the Kukulakuku. Mika appeared at 3 signing sessions in Swatch stores in London, Paris and Milan, where thousands of fans flocked to get their watch and meet Mika. The project has been hugely successful and very enjoyable for everyone and Mika hopes to work with Swatch again in the future.