Studio Job to collaborate with Mika on Bercy show

Posted May 20 2016

We are very pleased to announce that STUDIO JOB are to art-direct MIKA’s forthcoming travelling show.

After visiting Studio Job Gallery in Antwerp in 2013, Mika was fascinated with the work that Studio Job had produced and reached out to Nynke and Job to work on the stage set of his European arena tour No Place in Heaven in 2015. Now 2016 will see another very special collaboration, featuring huge fantastical pieces, scenes and references, including Olympia & Jaques Brel, historical Paris and its unique architectural landmarks and a lot more.

‘This project started around my kitchen table a few months ago. Our dream was to build a show that can evolve and grow over time. Like items from Alexander Calder’s circus, each set piece is meant to be something iconic and that can make you smile. Job has a sense of vision and craft that is inspiring and he does not compromise at all even when considering something that is a stage set. To him a set on stage has to be as beautifully made and as complex as a sculpture in a museum. That sense of detail and the loaded meaning of each piece really communicates, especially on a such a large scale.

It is a good fit, Job and I. The mix of light and dark, Joy and sadness. Even when it looks like ecstatic fun, the process behind is serious. I think that we compliment each other well and bring out the good and, more importantly, also the bad. Its one of the best collaborations I have ever had.

These objects carry a lot of emotion for me, and I think for Job also. I see it as a family of objects, one that will continue to grow and evolve, as they already have over the past year.’ – Mika, London May 2016.

The full force of this creative union will be revealed at the forthcoming Bercy show in Paris on 27th May. Tickets are available from the Shows section.

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